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A Brief Introduction of Laser Technology of Silicone Keycap

Silicone is increasingly popular with its environmental performance. More and more silicone products appear in our daily life. Today I  will introduce you to a laser engraving process of silicone keycap.

This  silicone keycap is a kind of silicone product mainly made of silicone by molding and vulcanization. In  the selection of raw materials, materials we use are well-known brands  at home and abroad, such as foreign Japan Shin-Etsu, US Dow Corning,  Japan's Toshiba, the domestic Zhongshan polymerization and New Oriental. With all-round quality control, all procurement of raw materials have to be underwent a rigorous quality control and testing.


After  the molding of the silicone keycap surface is sprayed a layer of colored ink  and then laser out of the pattern. This laser carved silicone products  with light transmission, even in the evening is also very convenient  and beautiful, laser carved image marked beautiful, High  resolution, never wear, high precision, imitation and other advantages,  and then spray the surface layer of oil, spray color can be based on  the needs of a variety of color, spray a thin layer of oil, both Anti-dust and feel can be guaranteed.

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