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A Hot Toy Combined With Silicone

Nowadays, parents increasingly love dearly babies. And with developing technology, more and more electronic toys come up.

Here let's introduce a hot educational learning toy:


Why does many parents send it to children as a gift? After investigation, we find the following reasons:

1) Multifucntion- Help kid learn poems, songs and etc.
2) Funny design- Cute rabbit shape with soft silicone ear which offer good feel.
3) LED ear- When the toy works, the ear will be colorful.
4) The magnetic horn is made of precious materials sounding clear and is without electromagnetic radiation. All-round protection of children's developing hearing.
5) No angular design. Consistent with ergonomic principles. In line with international children's toy standard, no damage to children's skin.
6) No explosion risks. Using the existing safest polymer battery, prevent chidren form explosion.
7) Parent-child interaction. Parents who stay far away can call the toy connected to bluetooth to tell story or sing songs to baby. And they can also record in advanced to interact with baby.
8) Stable sleep. With unique sleep improving function, recording sounds from nature, make baby have stable sleep. Also, with timing shutdown function, prevent asleep baby from waking up from noise.

And the silicone ear part is particularly noteworthy, because silicone is with good transparency and covered with it, the led light is not dazzling. Also the material provide a really good feel!

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