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Advantages And Disadvantages of Thermal Conductive Silicone


1, Soft material, good compression performance, good thermal conductivity and insulation performance, thickness adjustable range is large, suitable for filling cavity, both sides have natural viscosity, operability and maintainability strong;           

2. The main purpose of choosing thermal conductive silicone film is to reduce the contact thermal resistance between the surface of heat source and radiator parts, and thermal conductive silica gel can well fill the gap between contact surfaces;           

3, Because the air is a poor conductor of heat, will seriously hinder the heat transfer between the contact surface, and in the heat source and radiator between the thermal conductivity of silica gel piece can air extrusion contact surface;           

4, with the heat transfer silicone film supplement, can make the heat source and radiator between the contact surface better contact, truly face to face contact. In the temperature of the reaction can reach as little as possible temperature difference;           

5. The thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone film is adjustable, and the thermal stability is better;           

7, the thermal conductivity of silicone plate in the structure of the work process difference, to reduce the radiator and heat dissipation structure of the process requirements;           

8, thermal conductivity silicone sheet insulation performance (this feature should be added in the production of appropriate materials);            9, thermal conductive siliconel plate has the effect of shock absorption and sound absorption;           

10, thermal conductivity silicone sheet has the convenience of installation, testing, and can be reused.           


The relative thermal grease, silicone has the following disadvantages:           

1, although the higher thermal conductivity than the thermal grease resistance, but also higher than the thermal conductivity of silicone.            2. The thermal conductive silicone film with thickness less than 0.5mm has complex process and relatively high thermal resistance;          

3, thermal grease temperature range, they are thermal grease -60 to 300 DEG C, the thermal conductivity of silicone -50 to 220 DEG c;            4, price: thermal grease has been widely used, the price is low, the thermal conductivity of silicone plate used in notebook computer and other electronic products, small precision thin, slightly higher prices.

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