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Application of silicone daily necessities

We will encounter all kinds of silicone products, such as: waterproof and wear-resistant mobile phone cases, children playing the silicone game sets, with the hands of the silicone strap, silicone bracelet, daily household utensils, children's favorite Silicone toys, baby silicone bottles, hospitals often use the silicone infusion catheter, LED lamps waterproof LED silicone casing and so on. It is these daily needs of people to see the items, tightly linked to people's lives and silica gel.

    Compared with the general rubber products, their greatest feature is flexible, soft and good, and non-toxic harmless, anti-aging, wear-resistant, able to waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, strong temperature, with good Protection, so that people use them very safe and secure. People interested in silicone rubber, it is the fancy of these advantages.


In order to enable more people to understand the role of silica gel in life can not be replaced, medical food grade silicone tube - in the medical field plays an irreplaceable role, non-toxic environmental protection. Silicone foam sheet - highly resistant to high temperatures, with the role of anti-shock wear. Silicone waterproof silicone wrap - excellent sealing performance, leakproof and waterproof, and non-toxic and tasteless.

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