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Factors Cause Hard Deburring

First, the poor quality of silicone raw materials will lead to the difficulty of deburring of silicone products. Because of its poor toughness and tear strength, it is certainly difficult to split the edge in the process of deburring.

Second, in the molding process, the shape of the product is relatively thick, so the flash is actually relatively thick, the thickness of the increase will certainly lead to the difficulties of the deburring.

Third, the vulcanization of environmental factors, vulcanization temperature should be appropriate. If it is too high or too low, it will be difficult to deburr. At the same time, vulcanizing time also needs a good control. If the tune is too long, product will be brittle, while if the time is too short, the vulcanization will be in vain, so the process of vulcanization must be controlled well.

Fourth, the problem of mold. If the deburring of the design of mold is unreasonable, forming mold is too long, forming mold wear out, mold quality is poor, it will be difficult to remove the edge after production.

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