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Found BPA in Gerber's Silicone

Found BPA in Gerber's Silicone

Today, i get news from my US client, there is BPA in  Gerber's silicone.That's tebbrible.

Silicone is ECO- friendly silicone material. and it's used for baby products and household products.

And they're BPA free, PVC, phthalate and toxins FREE

Why Gerber's silicone has BPA?

I guess there are two things:

1. vulcanizator: maybe they use powder  vulcanizator. And BPA mixed into the powder
2. maybe Gerber's supplier make plastic and silicone produts,and mixed BPA into silicone

LYA is silicone manufacturer, we only make silicone products, and our vulcanizator is solid. So donnt worry.

And our raw silicone past certification.  Some of our clients test our silicone products. They pass the test.


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