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How to Deal With The Flotsam Come Out in Production

With the deteriorating of global environment, people's awareness of environmental protection has become increasingly strengthened. In particular, the classification of industrial waste recycling has always been a topic of concern, such as flotsam of silicone products.

is a certain size of the silicone processing plant, so there are a large amount of flotsam in the daily production, which makes it neccessary to have a relatively perfect process to deal with the flotsam. Now we will talk about the method we take for dealing with the flotsam come out in the production of silicone products.

A. Be clear of the responsibility for the silicone production sector:

1. Engineering Department marks classification categories in the process card for each flotsam .

2. Production staff pour the classified flotsam into specific box to the according to the type of the flotsam.

3. Production staff  will carry out cleaning impurities, smash for the flotsam.

B. Specific operations to deal with the flotsam:

1. Sort by different compounds and their hardness.

2. Different types of flotsam can not be mixed, and the flotsam may not be mixed with paper, iron, wood, soil and  other debris.

3. Production departments regularly deal with classified flotsam.

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