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How to Select the Best Silicone Teething Jewelry?

First, a high quality silicone teething jewelry must have perfect joint line. You can’t feel there has a joint line on the jewelry. If you could feel it very clearly, please quit to have it.


  Second, hardness of the jewelry is quite important too. Usually HA 50 is the idea hardness for baby teething jewelry. It is fit for baby gums. Too soft, beads will be hard to recover; too hard will not fit for baby teething.


Third, smell is one of the best way to make out the quality of the silicone teething jewelry in your hand. Food grade silicone have no smell, if the one in your hand have some strange smell, please forget about this one.


Finally, if you want to find out a good silicone teething jewelry manufacturer. There are some points you need to pay attention to. 1) Capacity 2) Design & creation ability 3) Reputation 4) plant scale 5) Professionality 6) Years of establishing


Now I believe you already know most of the points of how to choose your silicone teething jewelry. For more baby teething knowledge, please contact us!

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