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How To Disinfect Silicone Baby Bottles

How To Disinfect Silicone Baby Bottles

1,Boiling Disinfection

 To boil water with a stainless steel stove, after the water having been boiling for five to ten mins, Putting baby bottles into stove to cook a few mins.

2,Steam Sterilization

There are a variety of multifunction and branding steam stoves in the current market,Parents can select disinfection method according to own needs. disinfection way as long as meet the instructions. but before Sterilization. baby bottle nipple bottle lid etc items should be cleaned thoroughly.then put them into stove together and turn on.

baby bottle

3.Microwave disinfection

 Put the washed baby bottle with full watter into Microwave Oven, High fire for 10 mins. Do not put the nipple and connection cover into the microwave oven, so as to avoid deformation damage.

4.Disinfectant For Baby Bottles

 Put the baby bottles and other feeding equipment into a large container, soaked in water over its height, Pour the disinfectant into container,keep it for 30 mins, after that, Take them out and swach it or air it.

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