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How to let your baby learn to use a spoon?

How to let your baby learn to use a spoon?

Let the children learn to eat, for many mothers is a very difficult thing. See the baby claws at the dinner table, holding a spoon waving.Young parents had to sigh, when a child can learn to eat?

In fact, from 1 year old, young parents can be the following three steps to train your baby to eat with a spoon, let him accept the spoon, learn to use a spoon at the same time understand "themselves to feed their own" fun.


The first step: Let your baby to accept the spoon in the baby eat dinner in his bowl crushed easily install some large pieces of food, such as tofu, egg yolk, so that he took the spoon in the bowl poked play. This time the baby's fist five fingers together tightly holding the top spoon handle, you'll find him with a spoon is still a laborious task, but never squeeze the baby food to find some fun. Through a period of training, the baby will know spoon is a tool for meals, and lay the foundation for the future with a spoon.

Step two: exercise your baby learn to use a spoon to scoop the food is the best game with a spoon to move food, food from a bowl to move to another bowl. Carrots, cucumber cut block can be placed in a bowl, to encourage children with a spoon to scoop the food. This time, parents should pay attention to the child's emotional changes in the baby being bored impatience and frustration, it can help children to food appropriated his spoon, let him feel the sense of accomplishment, to excite his desire to use a spoon. Baby scoop food also can use language to praise him. The game allows the baby's wrist to be flexible, exercise coordination wrists, shoulders and forearms.

The third step: to scoop up the food to his mouth experience of this process is to allow children to eat their own sense of accomplishment. The spoon used when the best choice hemispherical spoon, so food is not easy to splash out. Let the children learn to drink soup with a spoon, until the skilled can let your baby learn to use a spoon to scoop eat solid food.

LYA has developed a baby training spoon. Combined with the concept of buds, you can own baby spoon feeding their own end, the other end of the suction cup design. Let the baby use a spoon in the process, to find more joy.


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