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How to make mold with silicone rubber?

It’s easy to make mold with silicone rubber, but usually before we start making molds, we need to have some acquaintance with silicone rubber. As its name suggests, silicone rubber is specially for mold making, it is a wondrous material to make molds for many kinds of objects of small or big size, because it has many advantages of odorless, non-toxic, high resistance to tearing, resistance to extreme temperature, high simulation precision, clear texture and lines, long service, and so on.

So far, we can begin to know the detailed method of how to make a mold with molding silicone rubber.

1. To prepare and dispose of original model.

If the model is smooth and flawless enough, then we can definitely make a perfect mold for it. But if the original model has many weakness, then it is hard to make a good mold, now matter how good the silicone quality is.

2. Fasten the frame model.

The joint of the frame must be sealed to prevent silicone from leaking. Then, fix the model in the frame.

3. Metering, mixing.

silicone is able to meet all your needs. For condensation type silicone rubber, the mixing ratio of the two parts of the silicone material is generally 100:2 or 100:3, which should be measured with an electronic scale, stirring mixture sufficiently.

4. Casting the mixture

Pour 1/3 mold making silicone into the frame slowly to ensure that silicone is seeped into every corner. After that, pour the rest of the silicone into it.

5. Demoulding.

Take out the model when the mold making silicone is completely cured (curing time: 4h~6h). At last, it is necessary to clean and trim the finished mold. For the moment, the opereation is finished. It’s better to put it into production after 24 hours, and keep it in ventilated, cool and dry place.

So, it’s your turn to make mold now! Any question please feel free to contact us!

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