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Platinum curing agent and silica have anything to do with it?

What is a platinum curing agent, platinum curing agent has also become platinum water, A / B bicomponent, it is in the presence of catalyst, hydrogen silicone oil and vinyl double bond silicon hydride reaction, so as to achieve cross-linking The purpose of curing, he needs to cooperate with Shin-Etsu raw materials used together to play the role of curing, then he performance?

   1. Non-nurture the occurrence of any new low molecular, no smell:

   2. Health level in line with FDA.SGS.LFGB certification, compared with other similar products with more confidence.

   3. Once vulcanization is complete

   4. Good dimensional stability, low compression ratio:

   5. Save time and power, improve the effectiveness of consumption at the same time reduce the cost of consumption;

   6. Mechanical function has been greatly improved.

     Platinum curing agent and Shin-Etsu silicone raw material curing after odor-free, high environmental hygiene grade, high transparency silicone tube. Dimensional stability and low shrinkage, tensile strength of products. Tearing strength. Rebound has made significant progress.

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