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Molding or moulding is the process of manufacturing by shaping pliable raw material using a rigid frame or model called a pattern.

A mold or mould is a hollowed

out block that is filled with a liquid like plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic raw materials. The liquid hardens or sets inside the mold, adopting its shape. A mold is the opposite of a cast. The manufacturer who makes the molds is called the moldmaker. A release agent is typically used to make removal of the hardened/set substance from the mold easier.

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The terminology can depend on the application. Sand casting involves both a "pattern" (which is the positive

image model of the desired part) and a "mold" (which is the negative-image hole made by packing sand around the pattern).

Types of molding include:

Compaction plus sintering

Injection molding

Reaction injection molding

Compression molding

Transfer molding

Extrusion molding

Blow molding

Rotational molding


Vacuum forming, a simplified version of thermoforming


Expandable bead molding

Foam molding


Vacuum plug assist molding

Pressure plug assist molding

Matched mold

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