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Quality Control


the company are required to use the raw material of silicon rubber with superb quality importing from American/Japanese/German and so forth, The raw material manufacturer have to provide our company with the ROHS/FDA certificate and inspect the material by MIL-105E integrated with raw material IQC .Only the material complied to the inspection can be accepted by our company.

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A. Any requirement of each product should be made as authenticated MI in written form to make sure the staff can make their produce according to these requirement。

B. During the producing, the appearance and whole requirement of the product should be 100 % inspected with the standard of the confirmed samples by the workers. At the same time, the polling of the products in different stage should be inspected according to the polling requirement by IPQC.

C. From the stage of postprocessing to the package of the product, the professional QCs have to do batch random inspection with the product according to FQC. Only the qualified goods can be packaged.

D. Before shipment, the final random inspection will be performed by the professional QC according to OQC. The qualified products are required to be attached with the qualified sign and ROHS mark. The shipment can be effected after the finished product put in stock.


A. When it comes to the quality default during the product process or after shipment, the company should assign the quality manager accompanied with the manufacture department to study and analyze the problem at once. The report of analyzing the improvement of the unqualified products or the report of correcting preventive measure should be submitted to the relevant department for the improvement of supervision .And the customer should be relied at the same time.

B. The study about the quality and technology of the product will be made by the company periodical or non- periodical. Thus, the product can be perfected as well as the operation of the relevant project. Also, it does favor to the improvement of the management and boost the satisfaction of the company and the customer to a larger extent!





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