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The Origin and Function of Silicone Bracelet

The earliest place where the silicone bracelet came out was the United States.  The original silicone bracelet in 2005 having an alternative  meaning blessing "they are healthy, stand up to cancer" was popular in the United States at that time. The first silicone bracelet in the world is yellow, and its US name is "LIVESTRONG" silicone  bracelet. People wear silicone bracelet to feel the true meaning of blessing.

The origin of the LIVESTRONG bracelet:

LIVESTRONG represents a spirit -- the spirit of fighting with fate and the indomitable spirit of courage.

This  hand was launched by the Tour de France champion -- Armstrong, meaning a  strong and courageous life, beating the pain cancer brought to people  around the world. And it is issued by Armsyrong together with NIKE to raise money for the Global Cancer Fund.

Before the 2005 Tour de France, the Lance Armstrong Foundation teamed with sponsor Nike to design the yellow bracelet.

They produced a total of 5 million yellow bracelet, each priced one dollar. The bracelet is made of silicone material, on which there was also printed with Armstrong's famous quote "Live strong". To mid-July, the first batch of yellow bracelet sold out,

The recent production of 600 million had also be sold more than half. All proceeds from the sale of these bracelets were donated to the Armstrong Foundation.
During the Tour de France, thousands of viewers wear a yellow bracelet, which became a symbol of Armstrong's yellow jersey.

Since then, now all kinds of silicone bracelet has been popular around the world because of the silicone bracelet with environmental  protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and good flexibility, easy to wear,  etc., and gradually developed into a popular jewelry, loved by young friends.
Features of silicone bracelet: with a variety of fluorescent, luminous, a  variety of colors of silicone bracelet, the nature is soft deformation,  non-toxic, wearable, heat-resistant, long life, do not hurt the skin and so on.

The silicone bracelet can be used for a variety of casinos as  gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc.,

Among the jewelry, silicone bracelet is hot  fashion products. Silicone bracelet is a low-cost consumables, but the advertising  efficiency is very high. Adding logo or some patterns on silicone bracelet can also reflect the people's beliefs and values.

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