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The Reason For The Difference in The Size of The Mold

In recent, we have a custom silicone button, and a similar button has produced . But the technology of the custom button is slightly different from the original product. But in the process of proofing mold,  there have been problem that the size of the two key, made of the same mold, are quite different.

For the emergence of this problem, we also consulted the senior engineer of our silicone product engineering department. Let us know what the reason led to the differences of sizes:

1, the proportion of raw material error
2, due to the excess material does not run out, the middle of the mold size is too easy to get larger
3, large difference of temperature of mold (temperature of edge and the middle are inconsistent)
4, the place operator place is not uniform
Of course, there are other improper operation of the molding technician may also cause the size of the silicone pieces. Therefore, only a professional silicone products factory for the quality of customized products are guaranteed. Should not seek a temporary cheap and costly.

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