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We supply sorts of silicone tube

With the development of the technology,the silicone has played an important role in our life,especially the silicone tube .Silicone tube was frequently used in the industry ,inclued medical,machine parts,food production,aotomotive and so on.

Silicone tube is available in a section of different grades and structures from among three broad groups:general purpose,medical/food grade, and high pressure.All of many kinds of silicone tubes do, however , features silicone’s basic characteristic of excellent thermal qualities,low toxicity,and outstanding flexibility.

The compounds used in the manufacturer of silicone tube all possess the basic spectrum of benefical characteristic inherent in silicone rubber .These include outstanding resistance to temperature extreme,no taste and odor emissions,no toxicity.

When enhanced with additional features such as medical addtivies and reinforcing braids,silicone tubes feature many other advantages over and above the latent qualities of silicone rubber.These make silicone tube an excellent option for applications such as in the automotive industry.the high regulated medical and food industries,and some chemical manufacturing processes.

These silicone tube products are also well suited to a large selection of general uses such as in domostic,automotive,and hobby applications.

General purpose silicone tubes are suitable for use which don’t require high pressure hoses or high levels compound purity.The excellent thermal and flexibility qualities of silicone rubber mean that silicone tube may be used on most domestic applications and workshop or hobby applications.When sterile and nonreactive tube is required in medical and food processing industry.Medical grade silicone tube is then employed .These grade of silicone tube feature compound compositions which make the rubber completely non-toxic,tasteless and ordorless,and with no tendency to support bacteria growth.The purity of medical grade silicone tube is often enhanced by processes such as platinum curing of the rubber compound prior to manufacturer.

Medical and food grade tube doesn’t react in any way with sensitive drugs,food ingredients,or body tissues and fluids and may be sterilized in standard autoclaves.It also has surface qualities which resist build up of transported material on the inside.

Water dispenser silicone tube is one of Tenchy superior products, the common silicone tubing will turn to a smelly smell after using which will harm human healthy, to solve this problem, Tenchy invent this new product without any favor after repetitive tests, people can use this tube at ease!

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