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What are the benefits of breast pumps?

What are the benefits of breast pumps?

1, to help clear the breast as soon as possible to open milk; (under the milk early, the baby in time to eat colostrum, without first to use milk)

2, suck out the milk, can clearly know milk, but also to determine the amount of feeding the baby every meal, you can see for yourself the amount of baby milk known; avoid choking baby milk too fast or too little milk baby hungry . (Direct breastfeeding mothers always worry about milk is not enough, do not know how to determine whether the baby to eat, do not know the extent of growth of the baby milk, and milk with a breast pump to suck out the month with the contrast between the baby's milk, If it does not enough to replenish the formula; some mothers milk rich, do jet-like, easy to choke the baby, suck out suck out with bottle feeding bottle feeding can avoid it).

3, each feeding the baby will not take too long, are effective sucking sucking, biting the nipple will not develop the habit of sleeping; (direct breastfeeding the baby's nipple is likely to cause dependence, so that the baby sucking a long time, but the real effective sucking time is not long, easy to develop nipple containing sleeping habits.)

4, to avoid the baby sucking the breast before milk can only eat, but eat less nutritious milk after; (former milk tend to be more clear, after more concentrated milk, milk rich in nutrients after the former content is not milk, and baby Usually only a few minutes before sucking effective, are sucked milk before, many parents see the baby fell asleep or less suck not let the baby to continue to eat, so that the baby missing after nutritious milk. )

5, my mother do not have anywhere to feed your baby, do not always remain the same for a long time in one position, which makes backache leg pain;

6, which can be done each time the air suction breast milk can reduce the pain brought up; (with a breast pump is relatively easy to determine whether breast suction air, only air suction will not affect breast milk.)

7, the baby milk is not easy to grow moss, nor will wet clothes; (direct breastfeeding easily confused baby face full of milk neck are causing eczema, of course, there are other reasons for eczema.)


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