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What is Printing Silicone?

Silkscreen Silicone is a kind of printing can be through the screen, and can be a very solid paste on the surface of the textile, most used for anti-skid, waterproof, anti-high temperature, anti-low temperature, health supplies, Silk screen silicone environmental protection, you can print color, and print color when not delaminated, you can also print a variety of effects, such as: matte, light, right angle, fillet, silk screen, and so on.

What are the common problems with printing silicone?

1. After printing is completed, the silicone does not cure or sticky hands.
A. The ratio of curing agent to silica gel is not formulated using electronic or balance. In the case of
B. fabric decolorization, color and silica gel in the platinum water chemical reaction, commonly known as --- poisoning.
C. add open water is not 407 printing water or white oil, and the use of other chemicals, such as xylene.
D. After adding brightener or paste, do not continue to add the same proportion of curing agent. In the case of
E. Add the curing agent, is the silica gel and thinner after the deployment of good curing agent. In the case of

2. There is a bubble phenomenon.
A. high temperature, anxious. In the case of
B. do natural dry, silica gel bubble has not scattered, the surface to kill, it is recommended with slow dry, slow down the speed of silicone surface

3. Penetration, silicone viscosity is low, it is recommended to replace the higher viscosity products.
4. Adhesion is not good, plus silicone is not suitable for playing board fabric composition group, it is recommended to adapt to the fabric primer.
5. Silicone curing too fast or too slow, curing agent is not matching the correct, such as dry too fast, it is recommended dilution with a thinner or light agent. In the case of
6. Flowing flowers. In the case of
A. When adding brightener, the proportion is too large, such as the need to add a large number of light agent to meet the requirements, to seek thickeners.
B. Add the ratio is 100: 10/50, instead of 50g silica gel, add 50g light agent, equal to 100g.

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