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Why choose silicone protect cover?

Why choose silicone protect cover?

Silicone Case is the most well known mobile phone protective sleeve type. It is soft, feel a little slippery, the market has been popular for many years. Spread the goods from shoddy workmanship personality development to brand, market share has always been to stay ahead. Because of its excellent value for money, silicone cover later MP3, iPod popular time, but also popular, by many people of all ages.

Silicone is divided into two sets, one is silicone, the other is an inorganic silica gel. Phone silicone sets now on the market basically belong to the former. Many of the advantages of silicone, such as high temperature, anti-trespassing Hou sex (not afraid to ultraviolet light or ozone decomposition), good insulation, material stability (no change in the animal body). In addition, people choose silicone case, but also because it feels good: Some keyboard blunt phone, will be improved to put silicone sleeve. And can absorb some of the impact of the bump on the phone, thereby reducing damage to the phone. Further, preferably silicone sleeve waterproof performance, which has become its biggest selling point. Although many of the advantages of silicone protect cover, and the price is cheap.

However, there are still shortcomings, due to the poor ventilation, long-term wear will cause the phone body heat accumulation. Especially the part of a very high calorific smartphones, more is not recommended to use. Moreover, the silicone sleeve itself has a slightly sticky, after a period of time will gather a lot of dust absorption on the phone, in the long run, but not conducive appearance of the phone, runs counter to the protection of the mobile phone in mind. In addition to the above considerations, the phone silicone sets purchase is also worth noting two. Now Silicone Case dazzling, the flea market, supermarkets, the mobile phone market everywhere. But not to buy a  model that is needed, the price is egregious cheap silicone case is often of poor quality, not not on the set, that is, the position of asymmetry. Quality is really good, effective protection is crucial. The current price of regular silicone protect cover, but mostly more than ten dollars, no need for cheap and runs the risk.

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