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silicone sucker toy

 silicone sucker toy 

Silicone sucker is the use of silicone materials production tapered products, excluding air can be adsorbed on a flat plan.

Physical properties using animal antennae through an enclosed space squeeze principle of air pressure, atmospheric pressure to produce a strong adsorption on a flat surface, use a vacuum to produce negative pressure device silicone, silicone suction cups used for electronic products, mobile phone holder on the back of the tablet . Products using hydraulic press HTV molding process making, silicone raw materials through color mixing, vulcanization molding, in addition to flash quality control and packaging processes, is silicone gifts industry developed a new environmentally innovative electronic peripheral products, mainly exported to foreign countries and Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan regions. Currently silicone sucker also began to be used on baby products, silicone mat, silicone bowls, silicone toys.

Silicone sucker toy is baby products, industrial machinery, household goods, silicone jewelry popular accessories and products.






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