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The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA
The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA

LYA is aid to put silicone technology to work for our customers. We manufacture, package, and supply a variety of silicone products including...

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16 09
What are the benefits of breast pumps?

What are the benefits of breast pumps?1, to help clear the breast as soon as possible to open milk; (under the milk early, the baby in time to eat colostrum, without first to use milk)2, suck out the milk, can clearly know milk, but also to determine the amoun...

16 09
Both recalled pacifiers were immediately caught in the United States

Both recalled pacifier holders were immediately caught in the United StatesBaby crying, sleeping, Daddy and mummy nurse are usually stuffed with a pacifier, pacify the baby's mood. To prevent the pacifier falling, loss, was also accompanied by a beaut...

16 09
How do I clean my baby's teeth? Where to buy infant silicone toothbrush?

How do I clean my baby's teeth? Where to buy infant silicone toothbrush? Try to get into the habit of brushing your baby's teeth twice a day. Do it once in the morning, at a time that fits in with your usual routine. The second clean should be bef...

16 09
The history of OEM perfume bottle silicone holder

The history of OEM perfume bottle silicone holderOEM silicone perfume bottles holders have a variety of shapes, Brand and more, such as Disney, BBW, etc., silicone perfume bottles sets basic function is easy to carry a vial of perfume, surface water and h...

16 09
Advantages and characteristics of the silicone cup

Advantages and characteristics of the silicone cupColor:  by adding a certain percentage of the raw material on the inside of creams to deployment. Theoretically, Pantone color on the can out of the deployment, under realistic conditions, there will be a ...

16 09
silicone sucker toy

 silicone suckerSilicone sucker is the use of silicone materials production tapered products, excluding air can be adsorbed on a flat plan.Physical properties using animal antennae through an enclosed space squeeze principle of air pressure, atmospheric p...

16 08
The benefits of which silicone cup sleeve

The benefits of which silicone cup sleeve1, insulation: glass top at the rear insulation can play a role.2, non-slip: glass cover in particular can effectively increase the friction of the outer wall of the cup, to serve the purpose of non-slip silicone.3, ins...

16 08
Why choose silicone protect cover?

Why choose silicone protect cover?Silicone Case is the most well known mobile phone protective sleeve type. It is soft, feel a little slippery, the market has been popular for many years. Spread the goods from shoddy workmanship personality development to bran...

16 08
How to choose a good business partner for custom silicone products?

Silicone rubber is used to manufacture a lots of different items, including silicone baby products, irrigation and filtration components, seals and gaskets, silicone medical products, lighted buttons, overmolded parts, and more. It is prized for its high thermal stability, durable mechanical properties, UV resistance and other characteristics. More info about silicone feature, pls check our last article"The history of silicone?". If you’re considering using silicone for your next custom rubber

16 08
What is the most appropriate time with gutta-percha?

What is the most appropriate time with gutta-percha?According to the growth needs of different periods of the teeth, gutta select different functions. Most babies 6 months old, the mandibular incisor pair of milk began to grow, this time to choose freezing tee...

16 08
How to let your baby learn to use a spoon?

How to let your baby learn to use a spoon? Trainning spoon will be a nice choice.

16 08
What's the best way to brush my baby's teeth after they start coming in?

What's the best way to brush my baby's teeth after they start coming in?As your child's teeth start to appear (generally around 6 mon

16 08
Silicone finger toothbrush: easy and safe to clean the baby mouth

Finger toothbrush is a toothbrush directly worn on the hand, which has a distal end portion of friction material for use when set on a finger, because the finger is more flexible, able to brush inaccessible, inconvenient place. Special baby finger toothbrush g...

16 07
How does LSR wrok?,Silicone OEM

Silicone rubber is a thermoset elastomer that alternates silicone and oxygen atoms along with methyl or vinyl side groups. The solidification process of all heat-activated cure thermosets, including silicone rubber, is caused by a chemical reaction called vulcanization, or cure. LSRs have the same structure as solid silicone rubbers. However, the chain length of the polydimethylsiloxane used for LSR is lower by a factor of about six. Therefore, the viscosity of the polymer is reduced by a factor

16 07
why the chew dribble bib is superior to other teething products

choose right chew dribble bib,that's very importment to babies and mons.

16 07
Creative silicone products: silicone storage bag

Creative silicone products: silicone storage bagSilicone materials, non-toxic, odorless, silicone material used in food storage is well-deserved first choice timber! Yes, the same silicone seal food storage bags is simply perfect! Whether it is cooking, microw...

16 07
Silicone products are widely used in medicine

Currently silicone rubber for human medical use, there are four types:    Solid: with the hard and soft, color white, opaque, hard as bone, soft by moderate hardness, elasticity and easy processing of plastic.    Foam (f...

16 06
2016 future is still a better balanced car industry

From a technical analysis of the field First car balanced this product, despite more than 10 years, including the current hoverboard used in several technologies are very new, brushless motor, single sine wave control system, balancing algorithm. This tec...

16 04
How to Select the Best Silicone Teething Jewelry?

First, a high quality silicone teething jewelry must have perfect joint line. You can’t feel there has a joint line on the jewelry. If you could feel it very clearly, please quit to have it.   Second, hardness of the jewelry is quite important too. U