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The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA
The leading Chinese silicone manufacturer LYA

LYA is aid to put silicone technology to work for our customers. We manufacture, package, and supply a variety of silicone products including...

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16 07
Difference in the solid silicone and liquid silicone molding

Both start with the definition of terms:1. One is the appearance of a solid and a liquid silicone silica gel:    (1) As the name suggests, even in liquid liquid silicone situation with liquidity.    (2) even if a solid silica gel was solid,...

16 07
Creative silicone products: silicone storage bag

Creative silicone products: silicone storage bagSilicone materials, non-toxic, odorless, silicone material used in food storage is well-deserved first choice timber! Yes, the same silicone seal food storage bags is simply perfect! Whether it is cooking, microw...

16 07
Silicone products are widely used in medicine

Currently silicone rubber for human medical use, there are four types:    Solid: with the hard and soft, color white, opaque, hard as bone, soft by moderate hardness, elasticity and easy processing of plastic.    Foam (f...

16 06
LYA Liquid Injection Molding,Silicone OEM,Silicone manufacturer

LYA Liquid Injection Molding

16 06
2016 future is still a better balanced car industry

From a technical analysis of the field First car balanced this product, despite more than 10 years, including the current hoverboard used in several technologies are very new, brushless motor, single sine wave control system, balancing algorithm. This tec...

16 06
The reason of silicone products difficult to remove edge

In the silica gel products during the production process, silica gel products remove edge is a process is very important, is to remove the edge silica gel products edges trimmed, but because the processing technology or raw material itself, causing the product...

16 06
Key Features Of Silicone,Silicone manufacturer

Key Features Of Silicone

16 06
Fascinating Silicone,Silicone OEM,Silicone products

Fascinating Silicone

16 06
How to choose the best baby pacifier

How to choose the best baby pacifierAre you a new parent looking for a way to comfort your baby? A pacifier may be the very thing you need to keep your baby calm and content.But how do you choose the perfect pacifier for your baby? First of all,what's...

16 06
what's silicone watch strap?

what's silicone watch strap?Light and fashionable or sporty silicone watches are watches that are made with a band of silicone. Often, the material the face of the watch is set in is similar to the silicone band. Silicone is a rubber-like compound that is ...

16 06
How to slove Silicone O-ring is not contiguous ?

Silicone O-ring is a silica gel as raw material, a circular cross section of the rubber ring, because of its cross-section O type, so called silicone O-ring, it has been widely used in machine tools, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace aerospace equipment, met...

16 04
How to Select the Best Silicone Teething Jewelry?

First, a high quality silicone teething jewelry must have perfect joint line. You can’t feel there has a joint line on the jewelry. If you could feel it very clearly, please quit to have it.   Second, hardness of the jewelry is quite important too. U

16 04
How to make mold with silicone rubber?

It’s easy to make mold with silicone rubber, but usually before we start making molds, we need to have some acquaintance with silicone rubber. As its name suggests, silicone rubber is specially for mold making, it is a wondrous material to make molds for many

16 03
Silicone Uses in Our Daily Life

Kitch Waresilicone phone caseSilicone Sport productsSilicone  Baby ProductsSilicone Medical Products

16 01
LYA Spring Festival vacation Notice

The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming. We will have a vacation from January 30th to February 15th, If you have something you can send me by E-mail.If you have any business don't hesitate to contact with me.Email:sale18@lyasilicone.comMobile Ph...

16 01
Silicone Life You Up

Make this versatile piece an integral part of your kitchen routine. Use it to steam vegetables or to warm tortillas, rolls and pancakes while retaining their scrumptious flavor. Its durable silicone construction allows it to be used in the microwave, oven, ref

15 12
The history of silicone rubber

The first silicone elastomers were developed in the search for better insulating materials for electric motors and generators. Resin-impregnated glass fibers&nb...

15 12
Is Silicone In Baby Products And Bakeware Really Safe?

There seems like so many things are made with silicone:pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, teething toys, storage jars, freezer trays and more. And babies

15 12
How much do you know about silicone materials?

Silicone is one kind of High activity adsorption material which chemical formula for mSIO?·nH?O. And it belongs to non-crystalline substance .It is nonpois

15 11
LYA joined the 2015 Alibaba foreign trade department PK

Our LYA joined the Alilibaba  foreign trade department PK in October.26.2015.After about one month’s campaign,It ended with a positive way.The campaign&nbs