How to make two-color and two-hardness liquid silicone products without secondary injection?

Manufacturing two-color, two-hardness liquid silicone products usually requires the use of two different silicone materials and a secondary injection process. It may be difficult to achieve two-color, two-hardness silicone products without secondary injection, but in some cases, some special processing methods, such as silicone blending, can be used to achieve an approximate effect. Here is one possible approach:

Silicone Blending: Silicone blending is mixing two different silicone materials together to achieve a mixed color and hardness effect. This approach typically requires mixing at the material level rather than in the mold. This means you need to mix two different silicone materials together and inject them into the mold immediately after mixing.

Mold design: The mold needs to be designed in a shape that can inject two silicone materials at the same time. The mold should include two different silicone supply channels to ensure that both silicones can be injected and fill the mold at the same time.

Smart wearable silicone products

Smart wearable silicone products

Injection process: During the manufacturing process, two silicone materials should be injected into the mold at the same time. This requires strict control of the fluidity and mixing ratio of the silicone to ensure that the mixed color and hardness effects are achieved.

Silicone curing: Two silicone materials are solidified simultaneously in the mold to form a two-color, two-hardness silicone product. The curing time and temperature of silicone should be strictly controlled.

It should be emphasized that silicone blending is a complex process, and successful implementation requires a high degree of process control and a deep understanding of silica gel properties. In actual manufacturing, the secondary injection method is usually used to manufacture two-color and two-hardness silicone products, because this method is easier to control and can ensure the consistency and quality of the product. If you are considering a silicone blending process, consult a silicone manufacturing expert for more details and guidance.