Shedding Light on Optical Silicone

Ultra Clear Optical Silicone:

Can silicone be used as an optical material? What is Optical Silicone? Optical Silicone is a specially formulated silicone material designed to transmit light with minimal distortion. In this blog, we will introduce you to the concept, benefits, and applications of optical silicones.

What is Optical Silicone

Optical silicone is a type of silicone material that has been formulated to have excellent optical properties. It can transmit light very well while maintaining its clarity and transparency over time. Not only does it have the advantage of traditional optical materials such as glass or thermoplastic (PC, PMMA), but it can also be used in applications where traditional optical materials cannot meet the required optical specifications.

To improve the durability and transmission of lighting products, optical silicone can be a solution.

So what’s so special about optical silicone?  Next, I will introduce you to the advantages of optically clear silicone.

Benefits of Optically clear silicone:

Optical silicone is a highly durable material. Unlike thermoplastic, which can easily scratch or break, optical silicone is highly resistant to damage. Optically clear silicone can withstand extreme temperatures ( -40℃ to 250℃), harsh chemicals ( acid, alkali), and other environmental factors that can damage it. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where the material will be exposed to harsh conditions or frequent use.

High Refractive Index and Excellent Optical Clarity:

Optical silicone has a high refractive index. It means it bends light more effectively, resulting in brighter and more efficient lighting. Optically clear silicone also has excellent light transmission and it is a very transparent material. It allows for the maximum amount of light to pass through, creating brighter and more vibrant lighting.

Color Stability:

Optical Silicone is not easy to yellow during use. As can be seen in the chart below, optical silicone has excellent color stability and is not prone to yellowing in different control experiments. Optical silicone maintains its clarity and color stability even after years of use.