Silicone mold sticking solution

Lyasilicone silicone molding

If you’re experiencing issues with your silicone molds sticking, there are several solutions you can try to prevent this problem:

  1. Use Cooking Spray or Oil:
    • Apply a thin layer of cooking spray or vegetable oil to the inside of the mold before pouring in your mixture. Make sure to spread it evenly.
  2. Butter and Flour:
    • For baking molds, you can use a mixture of melted butter and flour to coat the mold. Dust the mold with a light layer of flour after applying the butter.
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      silicone molding

  3. Cornstarch:
    • Dusting the mold with cornstarch can help prevent sticking. Make sure to tap out any excess to avoid altering the texture of your product.
  4. Chill the Mold:
    • Before using the mold, you can try placing it in the refrigerator or freezer for a short period. This can help solidify the fats used in greasing and reduce the chances of sticking.
  5. Non-Stick Cooking Sprays with Flour:
    • Some cooking sprays are specifically designed for baking and include flour in their formulation. These can provide an effective non-stick coating.
  6. Use a Release Agent:
    • There are commercial mold release agents available that are designed to prevent sticking. These are commonly used in industries like baking and casting.
  7. Silicone Mold Conditioner:
    • Some companies produce silicone mold conditioners or release agents that are designed specifically for silicone molds. These can be applied before each use.
    • Lyasilicone silicone molding

      Lyasilicone silicone molding

  8. Ensure Proper Curing:
    • If you are using a silicone mold for crafts or other non-food items, make sure that the material you are using to create your objects is fully cured before attempting to remove them from the mold.
  9. Parchment Paper or Plastic Wrap:
    • If appropriate for your application, lining the mold with parchment paper or plastic wrap can make it easier to remove the contents without sticking.
  10. Proper Greasing Technique:
    • Ensure you are applying the greasing agent thoroughly and evenly, covering all surfaces of the mold.

Before applying any solution, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements and restrictions of your project, especially if you are working with food-grade materials. Additionally, test any solution on a small, inconspicuous area of your mold or project to ensure compatibility and to avoid any unwanted interactions.