The hardness of silicone keys is generally how many?

The hardness of silicone keys is usually expressed by Shore A hardness, and the hardness of common silicone keys is generally between 30 and 70 Shore A.
The specific hardness depends on the formula and manufacturing process of silicone, and different application scenarios may require silicone buttons with different hardness to meet the needs.
Generally speaking, the silicone keys with lower hardness feel softer, suitable for occasions requiring higher touch, while the silicone keys with higher hardness feel harder, suitable for occasions requiring stronger feedback.
When selecting silicone buttons, it is necessary to determine the most appropriate hardness range according to the specific use requirements and environment.
First of all, let’s look at the source of silicone key hardness.
The hardness of silicone buttons is mainly determined by the hardness of silicone raw materials and the production process.
Silicone raw materials have a certain hardness range, and factors such as heating curing time and temperature in the production process will also affect the final hardness of the silicone button.
Therefore, manufacturers will choose the appropriate silicone raw materials and production processes according to the specific application scenarios and needs to obtain the appropriate silicone key hardness.

Secondly, the hardness of the silicone button has an important impact on the use effect.
Moderate hardness of the silicone button can provide good touch and feedback effect, so that users can feel comfortable and convenient in the process of use.
If the hardness of the silicone button is too high, the feel will become harder, which will bring inconvenience to the user;
If the hardness is too low, the key may be too soft, resulting in unclear feedback, and even affecting the accuracy and stability of the key.

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In addition, the hardness of the silicone button also needs to consider the service life and durability of the product.

Moderate hardness of the silicone button has good wear resistance and anti-aging properties, can extend the service life of the product.

And hard or too soft silicone buttons may cause damage or deformation due to uneven force or excessive friction, thus affecting the normal use of the product.
Of course, different application scenarios have different hardness requirements for silicone keys.

For example, some occasions requiring frequent operation or under greater pressure may need to choose a slightly higher hardness of silicone keys to ensure the stability and durability of the keys;
For some occasions that require a gentle touch or special appearance, it may be necessary to choose a silicone button with slightly lower hardness to provide a better touch and visual effect.

In summary, the silicone button also has a certain environmental protection.
Silicone material is a non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly material, will not cause harm to the human body and the environment.

At the same time, the manufacturing process of silicone buttons is also relat因此,选择硅胶按键也是一种对环境和健康的负责任的表现。
Therefore, the choice of silicone buttons is also a responsible performance for the environment and health.
.html in actual application, the silicone buttons are widely used in all kinds of electronic equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment and other fields.

For example, on remote controls, calculators, mobile phones and other devices, silicone buttons can provide good touch and stability, improve the user experience;
In medical devices, silicone buttons can ensure the hygiene and durability of the equipment, and provide a better working environment for medical personnel;
In the field of industrial automation, silicone buttons can withstand harsh working environments to ensure the stable operation of equipment